Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Episcopal Diocese of Nevada — The Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards, Bishop

Downtown by the River — Corner of Island & Rainbow   Reno, NV

     At Trinity, we welcome both opposite and same-sex couples seeking marriage. Whether you are looking for a small intimate marriage ceremony, a full Episcopal marriage ceremony with Holy Eucharist, or renewal of your wedding vows, Trinity would be a beautiful and holy place for your special day!

     We have a large Parish Hall across the parking lot that has full industrial kitchen facilities and can host a reception of up to about two hundred people. We have tables, tablecloths, and a full set of utensils and china available. If you wish to have a reception off-site, there are some wonderful venues in the downtown Reno area. Costs for the use of the Church and the Parish Hall, and the services of the organist and clergy vary based on how large an event you wish to plan and whether you come to us as a visitor or are a regular member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Reno.

     All couples seeking marriage are required to have a few counseling sessions with one of our priests beforehand. It is the purpose of these sessions to celebrate your love and help you as a couple deepen your relationship. Our clergy will help guide you as you consider the importance of the commitment you are about to make. What could be more fun than getting to sit down and talk about how you fell in love, your relationship, and your goals for your life together?! We guarantee, you'll enjoy it!

     To begin the couple's counseling process and plan your wedding, please contact our clergy at 775-329-4279.

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