Every day more of our Trinity families and neighbors find their backs up against the wall.  Rent is skyrocketing.  Thousands are stuck in weekly motels.  Homelessness is on the rise.  The status quo is literally killing people.  While feeding the poor is something we do regularly at Trinity Cathedral, we need to do more to reach the roots of homelessness in our community.  Now is the time for people of faith and goodwill to rally around the priorities we have for our own community and build a movement that will fight for upstream solutions to the housing crisis we face.


     What can you do now to make a difference here in Reno?


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Beginning in Nov. we will be starting sign-ups to help staff the Overflow Homeless Shelter during the winter months.


     The Home Means Nevada platform proclaims these priorities:

  • Increase local investment in affordable housing
  • Strengthen support for vital homeless services
  • Ensure economic growth benefits all families in our community

      What do we have to do make these priorities a reality?

  • Be sure you’re registered to vote.
  • Pledge, as a voter, to discuss these issues with your friends and family, and with your elected officials and candidates.

      Be watching our weekly announcements for ways to become more involved!


      Click here to view or download talking points about the campaign ► Download

      Click here to view or download our FAQ’s about the campaign ► Download


      If you have questions, please contact Rev. Rick at or call him at our office at 329-4279, x12.