Sundays at 9:00 AM — Children’s Eucharist with Parents & Adults.  The word is energetic!  While children are invited to all services, they fully take part in this liturgy which focuses on the needs unique to their developmental stages in connecting with God and experiencing our Episcopal worship. There is a simple Bible story or lesson in place of a sermon, lively songs, interactive prayers, and Holy Communion. Parents, grandparents, and families with children attend and enjoy this uplifting hour! Even folks without children, but who enjoy the lively worship, attend the 9:00 AM.


Links to online games, art, and puzzles that retell the week’s Gospel story are given to the children every week at the 9:00 AM service as part of a coloring handout so families can continue the fun and enhance their kids’ Christian Education at home.


Children’s Christian Education Sundays, 9:45–10:15 AM — Sunday School with the kids takes place at the conclusion of the 9:00 AM service.  The kids go downstairs for art or music and a Godly Play Bible story.   Parents and adults remain upstairs for an adult forum discussion.  


On Christmas Eve, we have a special children’s service early in the afternoon so you can get your little ones tucked into bed on time.


Baptisms: We love baptisms at Trinity! Interested in Baptism for yourself, your child, or grandchild? Please contact one of the clergy if you would like to become the newest member of the Christian Church. There is simple but important instruction which is not burdensome in preparation.


Epiphany party in early January with procession of the Three Kings to the Creche (Nativity Scene) and then a potluck with King Cake!


Palm Sunday liturgy in the park across from the Church with our brothers and sisters from other downtown churches. The biggest thrill is Pancho the Donkey always attends, and the kids love him!


Easter Egg Hunt for the kids is usually held on the Saturday morning before Easter.


Flowering of the cross on Easter morning!  As children and their families arrive, they are invited to put a cut flower into a cross frame symbolizing new life.


Oxbow Nature Study Area retreat: This kid-friendly retreat held in early June is held at the beautiful Oxbow Nature Study Area in downtown Reno off Dickerson Road. Kids can walk, explore, and receive crayons and special coloring pages of the wildlife indigenous to the park. Parents have a chance to deepen their spirituality through reflection, prayer, walking, and writing.


Vacation Church School: Depending on parental interest and volunteers, we have offered a Vacation Church School during the summer break.


Seniors teach kids the games they played as kids! Sometime during the summer, we take a morning for the seniors of the congregation to teach the simple games they used to love as kids such as jacks, marbles, and hopscotch.


The Blessing of the Backpacks — Before school begins in August, we invite the children to bring their backpacks to church for a special blessing!


St. Francis Day: In early October, we celebrate St. Francis Day by bringing our pets to church!  This short service usually takes place the first or second Sunday in October in the afternoon.  This is such a popular service that we are often joined by many people who don’t usually attend Trinity.  If you are unable to bring your pet or if you have lost a beloved animal companion, you can bring a picture or a memento from them and the priest will say a blessing for them. Kids are also welcome to bring stuffed animals for a blessing!


The Blessing of the Pumpkins — The Sunday before Halloween, kids get to bring their pumpkins for a blessing.


The Christmas Pageant —Often the highlight of the kids’ year, Christmas Eve, all children are invited to participate in the annual Impromptu Christmas Pageant. Everyone gets a part, even little ones that parents have to carry get to be angels! Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like little ones in tinsel halos.



For further information about our Children & Family offerings, please contact Rev. Mikayla at 775-329-4279, Extension 13, or E-mail her at