A Lot of Good Men

ALOGM has “no agenda” monthly gatherings where the group share meals (breakfast and lunch usually) at various venues in Reno.  The “First Saturday” breakfasts are obviously always on a Saturday and other monthly events are scheduled during different days of the week with weekend events drawing the higher attendance. We encourage all men of Trinity to come and know each other in a more causal   environment.



Divinely Fine Women

The DFW is a wonderful social outlet for the women of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Every month emails are sent to approximately 70 women announcing the venue for our monthly luncheon.  In addition to the luncheons being an opportunity to catch ups, we also send cards to those who are having a hard time of it.  We meet in people’s homes and in restaurants.  A joint potluck dinner of the two groups is held every year. 



Foyer Groups

This is a program designed to bring members, new members and prospective members together strictly for fellowship with a meal; this is not about holding “church business” but a fun and simple way to get to know one another better. Groups of 6-8 persons are formed and each takes an opportunity to host the group at their home. The host person usually provides the main course or meat dish and a plan for side dishes. The remaining group members volunteer to bring food items and beverages.