Serves Sunday mornings @  10:30 AM


Our young acolyte teams consist of children from the age of nine through High School.  This ministry was initiated in 2015 to serve at the Sunday morning 10:30 AM service as well as additional feast days like Christmas and Easter. These young people are well trained and serve at least once a month.


Each acolyte can serve in any of these capacities: carry the cross, be a Torch Bearer, light and extinguish the office lights (and Altar candles during Feast Seasons), and ring the Sanctus bells.  They can also be trained to be thurifers and banner bearers.

We now have a total of 8 acolytes.


The joy, indeed fun, they experience in serving is a delight to me. They are dedicated and absolutely sincere in their ministry. Each acolyte is so careful and reverent while serving.  One acolyte thrilled me by telling me after the first time she served:  “that was sooooooo fun! I can’t wait to do it again!”  I am enriched by having these young people in my life. I cherish each one. I feel grateful I am a part of their ministry to Christ and their life in the church.  I am so honored to know them, be a part of their life in Christ, and serve them.  





Episcopal Youth Community

Every Sunday from 1:00-2:30 PM


Our Youth Group, the Episcopal Youth Community, meets the first and third Sundays of the month for education, spiritual growth, and fun!  All students in Grades 6–12 are welcome to join us!  You don’t have to be Episcopalian to attend, so be sure to invite your friends!


In our meetings, we start out with prayer and a shared meal, a short worship experience, then we have a planned topical discussion, and activity.  


In the past, we have discussed topics ranging from homelessness to racism, unloaded water for the homeless, created portraits of saints, colored a beautiful Advent Mural, and raised money to cover all our activities with our holiday evergreen sales.  We’ve also had a lot of fun going to movies and had a party at a trampoline park!