Serve Each Other

At Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, we are blessed with a wealth of opportunities to support each other, both in times of need and celebration.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact the appropriate ministry lead through the Cathedral office at 775-329-4279. 

  • Circle of Friends:  One of the quieter ministries is Circle of Friends, which is a ministry of care and support for those living alone.  Each member daily makes a brief telephone call to another member.  In return, each member also receives a phone call.  Conversations are usually brief, but the underlying goal is to convey care for one another.  The schedule is changed on a regular basis so participants can speak with a variety of people.   (Ministry Contact:  Dorothy Walrath)
  • Grief Group:  The Grief Support Group is a drop-in group for those who have lost someone through death.  One of the gifts that participants get is a community of folks who are going through what they are experiencing, so they don’t feel so alone in their grief.   This group also gives comfort and support to people suffering with serious medical issues or chronic illness or anyone making a life transition.   (Ministry Contact:  Rev. Ruth Hanusa)
  • Prayer Chain:  This ministry consists of numerous, dedicated individuals from the Parish who include prayer requests in their regular prayer practice.  Prayer requests are usually received through the Church office or they can be sent directly to the Prayer Chain coordinator.  Typically, the requests are for healing and comfort for family and friends who are suffering physically, medically or emotionally.  They can also be requests for safe travels for family and friends, for the souls that have passed on, or for any reason that may be needed.  There is never a request that is too big or too small.  (Ministry Contact:  Lindsay Campbell)
  • Centering Prayer: This is a daily spiritual practice that is encouraged by a weekly support group sitting in silence together.  For many years Trinity has offered this spiritual practice in a sacred space to an ecumenical community.  (Ministry Contacts:  Judy Anderson and Joan Peyser)
  • A Lot of Good Men:  ALOGM has “no agenda” monthly gatherings, where the group share meals (breakfast and lunch usually) at various venues in Reno.  The “First Saturday” breakfasts are obviously always on a Saturday, and other monthly events are scheduled during different days of the week. We encourage all men of Trinity to come and know each other in a more casual environment.  (Ministry Contact:  Clyde Ikehara)
  • Divinely Fine Women:   DFW is a wonderful social outlet for the women of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.  In addition to the monthly luncheons, which provide an opportunity to catch up with each other, we also send cards to those who are having a hard time of it.  We meet in people’s homes and in restaurants.   (Ministry Contact:  Liz Boog)
  • Hospitality:  Trinity has numerous activities throughout the year for the entire parish, and assistance is always welcome to provide food and fun.  This ministry welcomes anyone willing to help.  (Ministry Contact:  Sandi Brooke)